Vegan Challenge


Learn how to thrive on a plant-based diet! If you always wanted to try and go on a vegan diet, but for some reason still haven’t tried it yet, then this book will help you start eating balanced plant based foods and enjoy it at the same time.

What`s Inside:

In this book you will find 50 healthy and easy to follow plant based recipes to keep you maintaining a vegan diet.

• 111 pages
• All the recipes are 100% vegan
• 8 dessert recipes, including raw and gluten-free treats
• 14 power breakfasts to start your day right
• 14 satisfying lunch meals to boost your energy during the day
• 14 flavourful dinner recipes
• All the recipes have nutritional breakdown with information about calories, fat, fibre, protein etc.
• Easy page navigation
• Each recipe has a picture

PDF downloadable file mobile and tablet accessible via Apple Books or other eBook reader apps.

Whether your reasons are to improve your health, help the environment, or show compassion towards all animals you hold the power to make a difference. A 14 Day Vegan Challenge is not only a fun experience, but it could change your life and our world for better.